Biomedical research increasingly dealing with computational data. BGG plays a critical rule to answer some biological questions that arise from human infection with pathogens


To answer biological questions using computational power.


To create a bioinformatics hub serve up a different type of researches in Sudan

BGG aims to answer the biological questions related to the pathogen genomes by using the computational methods and provide a service hub for the students and research in the field of infectious disease. Also, we help them with the following aspects:

·         Basics of bioinformatics and genomics aspects

·         Sequencing technologies

·         genome assembly, alignments, read mapping

·         Basic programming and scripting for bioinformatics

·         Competence in R and equivalent statistical software

·         Transcriptome analyses and techniques (microarray, RNA-seq)

·         Comparative genomics, molecular evolution, function inferred from signatures of negative and positive selection

·         Finding and functional analysis of protein-coding genes

·         Genome variation, mutagenesis, connections to phenotypes

·         Genome mapping, Mendelian inheritance of genes and DNA markers